Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1953 Seniors Photo IDs from a Blog Reader

This photo was originally posted and a complete ID was not included. Last week, Luther Ray McMillon sent the following e/mail and identified the 1953 BHS seniors:

Front row left to right, Jane Rowan, Billie Jean Murdock, Joan Whitaker, Norma Jean Walker, Joan Patton, Nannie Lee Epting, Agnes Mink, Mary Tom Gordon.

Second row, left to right. Miles Donahue, Charles Gamble, Billie Fay Davidson, Dorothy Hill, Nettie Ruth Mink, Hermie Ruth Williams, Mae Belle Heavener, Mrs. Sales Martin (never knew her name), Stanley Miller.

Third row left to right, Darrell Mathis, Phil Gorden, Bobby Tom Outlaw, Roger Barnett, Max Schoggin, Glenn Griffen, Harry Cowan, Robert Cox.

Fourth row left to right, Luther Ray McMillon (me), Jack Sandlin, Oneal Mears, Jack Morris, Billy Cox, Jerry Williams.

Ray writes: Thanks for all your work on the blog. It brings back a lot of old memories. I left Baldwyn after graduating in 1953 and have never returned except for short visits since then. Not many relatives left there from the Mabry/McMillon family trees.

After leaving I first lived in Memphis and from there started a long journey. I lived in California 3 times, Alaska, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, South Carolina, Hawaii and Florida where I now live 3 times. I also lived in Japan 3 times and in Korea. During the last year I lived in Hawaii, I went to Hong Kong 2 times, Singapore 2 times, Manila 3 times and Japan. I have also traveled to Thailand, Guam and other places in the Pacific. No, I was not in the military. But, I did work for the Federal Government involved with the acquisition of real estate for US Government use including the military. I also work with the Japanese and Korean Governments making agreements for use of military facilities in those countries.

I still remember Baldwyn and sometimes visit my cousin Helen Cook, wife of Murray Cook.

Have a good day and thanks for all your historical work.

Ray McMillon.

Thank you, Ray and come to visit Baldwyn whenever you can.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Mink.


  1. If Luther Ray is online, maybe he can tell us what happened to his brother, whose name escapes me but he would have been in class of 1959. Also Jack Province who I know is related.

  2. Jack Province works in a northern state as an electrician, the last I heard.


  3. Shouldn't that be Max Scoggins?

  4. Mrs. martin's name was Martha Ruth Martin.

  5. I notice only five of the back row named, who is the sixth?

  6. Who is the guy between Jack Morris and Jerry Williams???

  7. I believe his name was Chester or something like that.

  8. Billy Cox has been added as the missing ID (between Jack Morris and Jerry Williams).

  9. Billy Joe McMillon, brother of Luther Ray McMillon went to California in 1954. He graduated from high School there. He now lives in Sebastopol, CA. He is well know Travel writer. Go to the web to "Bill McMillon" and you will see his books. Volunteer Vacations has had several publications.

  10. Yes name should be Max Scoggins and "Joan Patton" should be "Jo Ann Patton"