Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Clippings from the 50s

Top: Inside Houston's drug store, 1958. L-R: Hilda Massengill, Linda McCarthy, Doris Greene. (Photo and ID: Betty Massengill, Cynthia Mink)

I think that is Mrs. McCarthy working the soda fountain. The entire wall held a mural of "Elsie" the Borden cow, who was the ad person for Borden's dairy products. Cool, huh?

Center: Home economics class at BHS. L-R: Yvonne, Phyllis, Lunelle, Mrs. Magers, ?, Irene, Mrs. Downs? Front: Sue, Midge, and Olivia. Year unknown, probably 1955.

Lower: You may recall Mr. Grady Nanney worked at the power office. He was crippled, but very strong in his arms, and probably never lost an arm wrestling match (his favorite game).

Mr. Henderson was the owner of the Chevrolet dealership in Baldwyn.

Mr. Howard was still a teacher at that time.


  1. Carl, I don't think Elsie was the ad "person" for Borden. Last time I looked, she was a cow.

  2. I believe you are "udderly" correct.

  3. I understand that Irene had a great career in business including a number of years as a model. They were all pretty.