Tuesday, March 3, 2009

1958 Grads

Excellent copy of the '58 graduating class poster.

Thanks to Betty Massengill and Cynthia Mink.


  1. Mr Howard's first year succeeding J.B.

  2. It's so fun looking at this class. You were just little kids when I moved away. You weren't even teen-agers yet. You learned how to comb your hair and smile purty. You done good.

  3. Does anyone know where Janie Gentry, Ora Lee Swinney and Betty Sue Hill are?

  4. Anyone remember Darrell Roberts' nickname?

    "Dump" !

    Don't know how that got pinned to him, tho.

  5. I R confused.....

    Darrel Roberts shows as a graduating senior in 1958 in this group photo,and he is listed in the 1957 senior play on a previous posting.

    Hope there weren't two of them.

  6. Looking at our class pictures goes back a long time--don't know where the time has gone--man--over 50 years, anyway, this is a note to let you know, I have a son in the Navy, he's been in Iraq and Afganistan since last year. He is well and coming home March 15 or 16 to his permanent base in Gulfport, we found him housing in Long Beach--he and his wife Jen will live almost on the beach at the Arbor Station condos--a really nice place, needless to say, we are glad he's almost back so I ask you all to celebrate with me, and Thanks


  7. Best wishes and my heartfelt thanks for his service, Melvin. Hopefully some day peace will reign again and we can have our families at home for good.

  8. Ditto that we are thankful for his service and happy that he is safe.

    Joe C.