Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Exhausted Roosters" Club, 1992

Catchy acronyms are everywhere. I have heard and seen many over the years, mostly funny more than serious. One that comes to mind was a group on Amateur Radio that I used to talk to - they were known as the NOTHING - "Nitwits Over The Hill Inspirational Nut Group". Funny.

Baldwyn had its' share of colorful characters also, as seen in the photos. These were serious people in their heyday but when retired, took on a completely different, humorous nature.

Morning coffee groups are prevalent in all locations, and their group names are meant to be descriptive and colorful. So were the "Exhausted Roosters".

Some are now gone on to a new group, and a few are still around. Great group of guys...

Some of us remaining roosters are not entirely exhausted yet, but we are working on it. HMMMM....

Thanks Betty M. and Cynthia M.


  1. well, carl, exhausted roosters can be referred to in 2 ways.

    Exhausted from doing what roosters do, or (2) exhausted and can't do what roosters do!

  2. Speak for yourself, 4:56.

  3. Sadly,most of these old Roosters
    are no longer pecking.

  4. 4:56;

    My comb still gets red occasionally, but so what. I just fly up on a fence and start crowing!

  5. These men were the "pillar of the community" and did so much good for the town.

    May the ones who have gone on find peace and rest for their toils.

  6. Knowing I can't resist saying some talked a good story.

  7. Anybody remember the scramburger doughburger?

  8. Wow, this was posted over three years ago, but I have to comment.

    My grandfather (W7KFX) died in 1979, but he belonged to the "Nitwits Over The Hill Inspiration Nut Group." I remember that part of the speech he gave was “We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing -- or even less.” (Google says that most of that is a quote by Mother Teresa, but I have no clue when she is supposed to have said that). I remember him being active on the Oregon Emergency Net and the Oregon Weather Net (I think those were the names). I think that ham radio operators were the computer hackers of their day.