Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Come Over to Our House"

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BHS Senior play, 1957

We ran this photo as a blog header photo last year, but since the program associated with the play has surfaced, we decided to make it a permanent posting.

I didn't crop the program after scanning, preferring to show the patina and ragged edges as proof of authenticity.

Most of you can associate a name with a face, but if not we'll be happy to help you match them.

Photo courtesy of Ellis Christian; program from Betty Massengill and Cynthia Mink.


  1. Who is that between Henry Outlaw and Sue Skelton???

  2. And who is that peeping from behind Ellis Wayne?

  3. believe that is Joyce Crick between Henry Earl & Sue Skelton

  4. Sure enjoy this blogand all the old photos. Thanks.

  5. Ditto what Dave said about enjoying the blog and old photos. Keep up the good work.

    Joe C.

  6. Makes me sad that we did not take the time to take picts of the places we went and the things we did--and the people we were with--but then--who would have thought we would be able to do the things we do with computers and such----

    Thanks to all for helping Carl with this effort


  7. Does anyone know where Archie Young is?

  8. He retired from Thompson Catapillar in Birmingham and has a house down on Smith Lake in Alabama. I don't know if he is still living in B'ham or not tho.


  9. Is there a UFO hovering over the tree just to the right of the Ritz Theatre sign in the top blog photo???

  10. Let me grab my Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie, 8:59, and I'll check it out.