Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Final Days of the Baldwyn Dairy Bar

Shown is a photo of the Dairy Bar that we liked so well in the 50s. It lasted, under various owners, until 1965 or '66 before being razed to make way for the Ford dealership, bought from the Prathers and moved to this location by Ralph Pennington.

A few later additions were awnings and patios with benches, and as the sign reads, they evidently made fresh donuts there.

Some of the owners were, as I have found out, Swede and Larry Johnson, Jimmy Outlaw, and at the time of this photo, Woodrow E. Barnett.

The folks enjoying a cool something are Huse Woods, possibly Larry Carpenter (?) to the right of him, and I believe Kay Poling in white, who may have owned the business later. The couple with the child are not known - help us with the names if you can.

Even in those times money was not easy to get, but we would spend some of our meager income for the delicious treats there. Wish those prices would still get you a quality treat these days!

Also note one of the fashion fads then - penny loafers and white socks!

Photo from Bearcat annual yearbook. Courtesy of Clarene Evans.


  1. Carl, in addition to Houston Woods (center), that looks like Gary Norman on the left and Bobby Burns to the right of Houston.

    The lady may be Dale Gardner and the youngster is probably someone's little sister.

    These were members of the class of 62.

  2. That looks like Jackie Roberts Pruitt and her little sister, Jan.

    Phil C

  3. Phil, I think you are right, she would have been my second guess.

    Carl, the white socks and loafers fad was still popular in early 1963 when Uncle Sam sent me to the beautiful city of Wurzburg, Germany. On my first day there I decided to do some sight seeing around town and the MP's at the gate would not let me off base with my white socks! I was told that the Germans associated that fashion with a certain life style that offended them and we were definitely not to offend the Germans. I had to go back and change into some black army socks.
    When in Rome....

  4. Milton, I ran into the same deal while leaving Ramstein air base going to look around. The bus was stopped at the gate and some things were explained to us, including the dress code to go into "K-town".

    We heeded all the options, didn't want to leave any blood in a foreign country, at all.