Monday, September 15, 2008

1957 Bearcat Basketball

This is the '57 team at the old gym.

You should know most or all of the team members.

Which Curtiss is that on the right? I can't keep them straight.


Click on photo to enlarge.


  1. That is Don Curtis, not his brother Joe.

  2. Johnny Massengill went to NEMCC and was backup center to Vince Del Negro from Massachusetts, who later went to KY and played for Adolph Rupp and whose son Vincent had a long NBA career and now coaches the Chicago Bulls. Johnny received an award a couple of years ago for most points ever scored by a Bearcat: 50 something points against Phoebe.

    Bobby McCarley had a scholarship to Ole Miss and played some at NEMJC as well, finishing out his career at Ole Miss. He was a very good shooter and athlete.

  3. I was living in Indiana and Alley Oop was still in syndication there. I loved him and Doc Womang and Oola and Dinny the dinosaur.

    Long live the caveman!


  4. JD Roberts said:

    I agree that one of the best cartoon strips of that time era was Alley Oop. There was a technological aspect contained in the story line. The Time Machine, Oop taking a firearm back into the past, and the present day advents that made the strip fun to read was beyond our imagination in 1955.

    A low budget movie about the characters almost ruined the image of the strip. It was terrible.

  5. Charles Pace, Harold Grissom, Joe Cunningham, Curtiss Wayne Bishop, Doug Pruitt, Johnny Massengill, Bud Reynolds, Bobby McCarley, Wyatt Weatherford, Enoch Gentry, Harold Williams, Don Curtiss

  6. Does anyone have a picture of the team(s) on which Jap Reynolds played?

  7. I'm looking Phil. Get back to you....