Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mid-50s Sunday School class AT FBC Baldwyn

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Pretty sure this is a photo of my Sunday School class at First Baptist Church around 1954-55. I am at the rear of the class standing by my dad, Raymond Miller.

This classroom was the first one on the left after entering the old (Caldwell) hospital building (now converted to the Sunday School building). This building was torn down and replaced with Baldwyn State Bank, I think.

-Jim Miller
Class of 1962 BHS

This is especially a good photo for me, I see my old friend James (Tully) Lindley at the upper left seated in front of Jim.


  1. Nice photograph, Jimmy. It is great to see Son Lindley again - the best domino player in Baldwyn and really smart in many ways plus being a good house painter.

  2. I believe that is Lana Sue fourth from left on front row. Those McVay women and girls were some of the prettiest in town. You hear me, Clarene?

  3. Is that Mrs. Mccarthy (Nancy's mom) sitting by the door at the rear, with glasses. Sure looks like I remember her.

  4. And Jim's father Raymond Miller who was a natural salesman and never had a bad day that I ever knew of; always had a smile and shoeshine.

  5. Thanks Jimmy, for a photo of both my brother, Tully, and my cousin, Son Lindley.

  6. Robert Coggins, Peggy McElroy, Walter Gentry, Cynthia Houston, Ann Green, Peggy Yarbrough, Linda Weatherford, Brenda Weatherford and yes, Dot McCarthy.

  7. Is that Nancy McCarthy second row, right, seated? If so, I thought she would be in a different age class.

    Thanks for the photo, Jim, it was in good condition and scanned very good. Didn't take much to resize it up 3X and sharpen just a tad.

  8. Who is Carl Houston?

  9. "Anonymous said...
    Who is Carl Houston?"

    Check the very bottom of the right hand column on the main page for his profile.

    The girl standing in the right hand corner with the white collar looks like Judy Prather.

  10. Anyone know about Ann Malone - 3rd from left front row? She grew up next door to Milton Nanney on South 2nd St.

  11. Here's my stab at identifying these folks! Front (l to r): Peggy McElroy, Ann Green, unknown, Jane Goodson, Golda Vandiver, and unknown.

    2nd row: Linda Weatherford, Virginia Lynn McDonald, Mary Nell Arnold, Brenda Weatherford is directly behind Mary Nell, then Becky Christian, Judy Rutherford, and Linda Bishop.

    On the far right standing against the wall are Judy Prather and Peggy Yarbrough.

    3rd row: Eddie Flanigan, Tully Lindley, Gary Norman?, Joe Agnew?, Walter Gentry and the others are too obstructed to see.

    Directly in front of Raymond Miller are Son Lindley and Tommy Thomas.

    In the background are Raymond Miller, his son Jimmy, and Robert Coggins.

    In the doorway are Dot McCarthy, Petey Hopkins?, and Kenny Gentry.

    Phil C

  12. The hair and eyes peeping over the head of Mary Nell Arnold look like those of Gordy McCarley.

    Paul Davis Yarbrough should be in this picture. If he is, I can't pick him out!

    Phil C

  13. A correction to my earlier comment. The hair and eyes peeping over the head of JANE GOODSON look like those of Gordy McCarley.

  14. The girl seated on the far right might be Judy Skelton.

    Phil C

  15. I can name the girls
    Front row from left to right
    Peggy McElroy, Betty Green, Ann Malone, Jane Goodson, Patricia McCarthy, Judy Skelton Second row: Linda Weatherford, Virginia McDonald, Mary Nell Arnold, Brenda Weatherford behind Mary Nell, Becky Christian, Judy Rutherford, Linda Bishop
    Standing to the right is Judy Prather & Peggy Yarbrough.
    Someone was asking about Ann Malone. She married a Phillips. She is divorced now, has three children & lives here in Baldwyn.She has remarried but can't remember her last name.

  16. 1st Row:
    Peggy McElroy, Betty Green, Ann Malone, Jane Goodson, Patricia McCarthy, Judy Skelton

    2nd Row:
    Linda Weatherford, Virginia McDonald, Mary Nell Arnold, Becky Christian, Judy Rutherford, Linda Bishop

    3rd Row:
    Eddie Flannigan,Tully Lindley,Gary Norman,Billy Van Grisham,Walter Gentry,Kenny Monts,Jimmy Dunn, Brenda Weatherford, Gordon McCarley

    Standing at wall on right side:
    Peggy Yarbrough, Judy Prather, Kenny Gentry, Petey Hopkins

    Standing alaong back wall: l to r
    Raymond Miller, Jimmy Miller, Son Lindley,Larry Gentry, Robert Coggins, Junior (Lester) Christian

    Ladies seated by window:
    Virginia McGee, Mrs. Lindley

    There is one person I could not identify and she is seated in the back right corner seated by Dot McCarthy.

  17. Wow, Clarene, I didn't recognize my own mother, but you did. Good job.