Friday, July 25, 2008

Baldwyn G.A. Group

Photo courtesy of Cynthia (Lindley) Mink

This photo is from the mid-50s and is a meeting of the Girl's Auxiliary from the local church. We are willing to bet that there are at least two of the girls shown that may be hard for some of you to remember, the one near Rachel and another near Frieda. We have them all identified.

The location is Roy Rogers' yard facing East. Note the dairy bar in the background across from the church. I am again reminded of the hill to the right where we got the sassafras roots for our spring "tonic". We called that area "golden roots" because of the color of them.. the sweet odor they put out was detectable from far away.

This also reminds us that we had some of the prettiest girls to be found anywhere right there in Baldwyn...


  1. You are right about these beauties, can't remeber all the names, but the faces are familiar. Rachel, Mary Kat, Monte, Frieda, ????

  2. Aaah They are beauties. I remember all but two.

  3. Is that Cynthia standing at the back? And I see Norma Fay and Nancy.

  4. Carl, the local church the young ladies attended was First Baptist.

  5. Thanks, 11:25 - I knew it but should have specified.

    You do know that our belief is that there are only two faiths? Baptist, and Non-Baptist...

    Just kidding.

  6. Well, Carl, I am at the end of my rope. Give me a hint!

    WE have Norma Faye, Mary Catherine, Linda, Cynthia, Frieda, Rachel, Nancy, Monte Gene.

    Give us some initials, maybe.

  7. I think it's Cynthia in the back center

  8. RC,

    Here are some hints:

    Cynthia is at the top of the star. The girl to her right has the initials M.P. and her dad was a barber. The girl to her left has the initials Y. C. and her dad was a truck driver for the brick plant north of school.

    The girl to Rachel's right has the initials J. F. C. and her dad was a rural mail carrier. They built a home across from the school on Second Street in the vacant lot next to Enoch Gentry's home.

    All the others are identified.

    Hope that'll get it for you!

  9. I got Marjorie Purvis and Yvonne Crowe. Who is the third?

  10. OK everybody, good job. JFC is Jerry Faye Chisholm.They moved to Guntown or Saltillo after a couple of years at Baldwyn.

    Yvonne is a legal secretary in Booneville. I used to see her often, her hair was still bright red. I don't know what happened to Marjorie.

    Other than some tragic events to 3 of them I think the others are doing well.

  11. Jerry Faye was a ventriloquist of sorts. She could make noises with her mouth and it would sound like it was coming from another location. She sat in class one day when the windows were open and called a mockingbird into the classroom.

  12. I like that sexy wink that Rachel has!