Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Baldwyn High School Class of 1934

The above photos are copies of the BHS Class of 1934 and a composite photo with individual pictures on one page of the same class as freshmen about 1930-31 sent to Clarene Evans by Alvin Stults.  Al is a brother to Clarene's friend Kay Stults who was killed in an automobile accident the summer between their junior and senior year at BHS. Al and Kay's mother, Blanche Abrams is one of the seniors seen in these photos. Al noted that his mother had hand written the names of all on the bottom of the photograph and they were hard to read but as best as he could make out the names, they were as follows.

Front Row: Shannon Christian, Frank Pinson, Marjorie Harris, JP Gentry, Blanche Abrams, James McCary, Lucille Davis, Huey Magers.

Second Row: John W. Burress, Gaston Falls, Annie Ruth McElroy, Archie Weatherford, Marie Williamson, Nancy Frost, Odell Rutherford (President), Eugenia Mauldin, Joseph Lester Agnew.

Back Row: Mrs. Glen Riley Sponsor, Stoddard Darwin, Quana McCarthy, Esteen Duncan, Marguerite Waters, C.Van Gresham Jr., Vernell Duncan,  Maureen Little

The composite of the same class as freshmen is more legible.

Top row: Bernis Billingsley, Annie Ruth McElroy, Eugenia Mauldin, Cecil Cheek

Second Row: JP Gentry, James McCary, Naney Frost, Spurgeon Nanney,Vernell Duncan, Annie Claire Smith, Sponsor, Cecil Outlaw, Marguerite Waters, Quana McCarthy,

Third Row: Gaston Falls, Opal Lytal, Frances Boyce, Roger Strawbridge, Branche Abrams, Lucille Davis, Maurine Little, C. Van Gresham Jr., Allene Hodges,

Fourth Row: Ruby Lytal, Carter McCay, Marie Williamson, Bonnie Lee "Country" Graham, Odell Rutherford, James Preston McWhorter, Harold Marshall, John William Burress, Virgil Nanney,

Bottom Row: Hershey Surratt, Stoddard Darwin, Morris Norman, Huey Magers,

This photo was most likely made at the old downtown school on West Main that stood where the telephone company is now. It burned completely barely 10 years later.

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