Friday, October 19, 2012

Your Wate and Fate

That's what it read on the sides of the familiar old scales that stood in front of the Ritz theater on Main Street for many years. After inserting a coin, a penny I think,  into the slot your weight and a prediction for your future was shown in a little window near the coin slot. Some of us were gullible enough to be very careful if a gloomy prediction happened to be given us. The scales are in the Baldwyn City Hall these days. They are not in working order anymore...

This was the Ritz theater in its' glorious days. The
Building was a beautiful architectural structure on the outside front. The marquee and smell of freshly
popped popcorn drew you there like a magnet. It
was comfortable on the inside. Lots of times we would emerge from the show and find that a huge thunderstorm and inches of rain had occurred without us hearing it. The pointer shows where the scales sat for decades. Ritz theater image from Memories video by Claude Gentry.


  1. Late Saturday night shows were the best.

  2. Is that one of those scales that has 12 slots and you slide the coin in beside the month of your birth to get a more accurate prediction? Gosh, I wish someone would get the thing back in working order!

  3. Yes, it is. I see it every day.

  4. I think that I can a Wate and Fate machine in front of Tom's Drug Store in the picture on this web site.