Saturday, September 15, 2012

FFA Members Of Baldwyn High School 1959

This photo was included in a yearbook but am not sure the year. I am estimating the year of origin. There are so many '59 seniors in the photo I guessed at the date.

FFA was a really good course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned to weld in shop and that helped me through the years. 


  1. Verrrry good picture. White belts were popular then, huh?

  2. Yep, and narrow.
    Carl, I looked in my 1959 yearbook and you are correct.

  3. I appreciate you reliable fact checkers, Milton. I have a limited means to get the dates correct. Sometime it's a SWAG (Scientific Wild ARSE Guess)!
    How about meeting for coffee some morning before Okeelala Festival? E mail me.

    Thanks Again...

  4. Three hidden faces behind Harold Dean and Forrest Barber. Any body make them out?

  5. Anon, the one behind Forrest Barber and Billy Dobbs may be Houston Wood.

  6. In the back row on the left I believe is Harold McMillan and I am on the right of him. I do not know who is in front of me between Billy Dobbs and Holley Dean