Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Once Proud Train Depot Reduced to Rubble

I am one of the many that regret that this had to be the disposition of the old depot. So many of us spent so many days hanging out there listening to the telegraph and watching the final waning days of passenger train service - people from far away getting off and on the passenger cars to leave going on to other parts of the world. We really didn't know then just how big the world was. We really longed to get on the train and go somewhere ourselves.

Article from the Baldwyn News, July 18 1990.


  1. What a wonderful museum that depot would have made.

    1. I would have liked to make a living quarters out of it! Just think of the free entertainment possibilities on weekend nights from the jernt across the street. Seriously, I would liked to have done something with it as a personal place. I will remember it until my last breath...

  2. My thoughts too Cynthia. Ironically last Friday I stopped at the tracks and looked at the vacant lot wondering what year it was torn down, now I know. Thanks Carl.

  3. Is that the old fire truck that is now parked behind the auto parts place on Ripley Road?