Monday, June 4, 2012

"Popeye" at Work

Here is an old deteriorated clipping of Paul "Popeye" Gentry at his watch repair desk. He was a jovial and jocular fellow, but plagued by a crippling disease. He made the most of it, going to ball games and on short vacation trips in his many nice convertibles with friends and girlfriends.

This photo was made in his second location under Gordon's Department Store on South Second Street.

A jokester and always appreciative of a joke being told to him, his laughter could be heard for a long way. If you ever wondered about the origin of his nickname, he wore a jeweler's loupe on his right eye for magnification and when he looked at you, he reminded everyone of the cartoon character.

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  1. Popeye was wonderful personality. We miss him still.