Friday, April 8, 2011

More BHS tornado damage 1942

The upper photo of the devastation appears to be of the North part of the school, the auditorium, as we knew it. The men standing are in the entrance near the office.

Lawrence Blassingame is sitting on a chunk of brick in the lower photo.


Thanks to Gloria and Milton Copeland for the photos.


  1. Is that a BHS letter jacket Lawrence is wearing?

  2. I had a FFA jacket that resembled that. Could be that is what he is wearing. I don't see a big "B" on it.

  3. A reader e/mailed a correction- he said that the photo was facing south and that was the library. But, if you recall, the school was built in 1929 facing North Second Street. After the fire of 1939, it was rebuilt facing the new highway 45 (west).

  4. Carl, it's good to see some activity on here again. Lots of us aren't on facebook and have been missing the blog.

  5. I wish I had some new material. I have ran out, but every so often someone sends something or I find something laying around. I have a ton of BHS Spotlight and snooper articles, but they are so repetitive...