Thursday, August 5, 2010

First TVA City

Remember this old sign as you came into Tupelo from the North on old US45? It greeted us for many years, and I think it may still be there in the area of Main Street and Gloster.

Tupelo was the first city to become a T.V.A. power purchaser. In those days you were required to join as a member to get a reduced rate on your power bill.

The structure in the background is over the railroad tracks and held the traffic lights for the Crosstown intersection as well as for the trains' signals.


  1. It was close by another marvel - a car wash. We were amazed at the small amount of time it took to get an inside and outside cleaning of a country road driven car.

  2. First TVA city thanks for Rep. John Rankin.

  3. The notorious Crosstown intersection, shunned like the plague all the years I worked in Tupelo! I even had the misfortune of having a brand new vehicle quit on me right in the intersection. Traffic stalled until some kind folks helped push it over to the side.

  4. The reason it quit is that is a very busy and dangerous railroad main line with trains comig left and right!

    You were lucky.