Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Big House on North Second Street

From Jo Carolyn Anderson Beebe

In the war years of the '40s these families lived in a house that had been converted into apartments. I don't know who owned the house. Maybe someone who sees this will remember. The house was located on the main street just before the street where the Carnation Milk Plant was located. It was huge (or so I thought at age 6) with big columns around the front porch. In the back was an addition that was referred to as "Old St. Louis." I'd sure like to know where that name came from. The back yard adjoined a pasture that went up to the railroad tracks. I used to stand back there and wave to the soldiers on the troop trains.

I was in the front yard playing when Mother came outside and told me President Roosevelt had died.

When I was about seven, lightning struck the house. I remember running across the street with Eddie Sue to Barbara Ann and Brenda Joyce Bryson's house yelling, "Fire! Fire!" By the time the volunteers got the big old fire hose rolled down the street, the house was pretty much a goner.

I hope someone can identify these very familiar faces. I remember some of the names:

Seated: Jo Carolyn Anderson and Eddie Sue Hassell
Standing left to right: ______, ___ Hassell, Blanche Anderson, Flossie Hassell, Morgan Hassell, Lanois Williamson, Luster/Lester? Williamson, Mrs. Williamson, _____. Photographer: Oscar Glover.

Thanks, Jo. Good photo quality after all these years. Can anyone help with identifications?

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  1. I did not know or at least I don't remember the Hassells but I was well acquainted with the Williamsons. Lanois Williamson Davidson who taught senior english at BHS for many years, was very close friend as was her mother, Audrey. Her father Luster used to give me a ride to town occasionally. Reba Williamson was a professor at Ole Myth for many years.