Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bakers/Latimer Bios

This came from out of the Weekly News around or after 1972. It details the early days of some of our teachers through to the time they left teaching to retire.

Like them or not, they were a part of our early education and tried as best they could to make sure all children had a good learning experience.


Submitted by Robert Palmer.


  1. I knew Miss Hortense peripherally, I well recall her asking me leading up the the 1980 election who I'd vote for if given the opportunity.

    When I said Reagan, she looked at me straight on, then turned her head and looked at me again out of the corner of her eye.

    She said..."well, I guess it's a good thing you can't vote yet." She then lectured me on why Reagan was a fraud, and his policies would lead to tremendous problems in the future if elected.

    Miss Hortense was pretty smart, and I still had a lot to learn. We should have elected HER.

  2. You couldn't find 3 more disciplinarian teachers. Ms Baker was an excellent history teacher and Ms Hortense was super dedicated.

  3. would love to see the pictures of the school mentioned

  4. Miss Hortense would have made a good warden for a women's prison. She certainly had the looks and personality!

  5. Nurse Ratchet from "One few over the cuckoo's nest" but really had school's interest at heart always.