Monday, October 19, 2009

Party Time

Top photo: Seniors and juniors party at Sportsman's Lake around 1963. J. L. Howard, Clarene Evans, Gary Owen, Red Shelton, Amelia Malone, Hilda Massengill, Bobby Lewellyn, Harold McMillan, joey Burns, Judy Skelton, Johnny Roberts, Jane Goodson, Linda Weatherford, and others. Sorry if we could not or did not identify anyone properly.

Lower Photo: Birthday party for Virginia and Buddy Seay around 1954. Not in any order are: Harriet Burns, Petey and Janice Hopkins, Gordon McCarley, Caroline Searcy, Betty Greene, Clarene Evans, Gloria Jean Morgan, Bonnie Sue Bruton, Brenda Hill, Melba Jean Rowland, Kenneth Lauderdale, Bobby Baker, Milton Wesson, Charles Barber, Linda Ann Bishop, Harold owan. There is one unidentified younger child, and one girl on the back also.

Photos courtesy of Clarene Evans.


  1. Bonnie Sue couldn't remember the name of the youngster she is holding unless it might be Peggy McElroy's baby sister Melanie?

    Is that not Jane Goodson standing next to Carolyn Searcy? mc

  2. maybe next to H Burns-JoNell Smith?who is between Caroline & Jane?who are boy & girl between Harold Rowan & Milton Wesson? Where are Bobby Baker,Janice Hopkins & Clarene-if thats Melanie--where is Peggy MC?

  3. Bonnie was not at all sure about the child. If Peggy is there could that be her behind Jane?

    Clarene is directly behind Virgina Seay, not sure about the boy beside her. mc