Saturday, January 3, 2009

Baldwyn Firefighters

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Photo of one of the early Baldwyn Volunteer firefighter teams. Exact date unknown.

Front row, L-R - Roy Bryant, Dale Chisholm, Jerry Ozbirn, ?? Ray.

Rear, L-R - B. E. Ozbirn, Harold Dobbs, Milton Nanney, Jimmy Miller, Herb Spivey.

The DeVaughn family in the upper photo lost everything in a fire one Saturday afternoon. Their plight was shared by other families and was remedied greatly by the early volunteers who helped to establish a valid response to emergencies and fires. The city of Baldwyn was now getting cutting-edge protection it had never had.


Photos courtesy of Clarene Evans.


  1. It was good to see this photo. It must have been made prior to April of 1972 but I don't remember the exact date. There were a few members missing that night but I cannot recall their names. I think we had 10 fire phones and two or three firefighters who did not have the phones.

  2. Looks like Nathan Ray on bottom right.

  3. Thanks, Milton. I was trying to think of his first name all night.

  4. When our house burned in 1944, I seem to remember some men pushing a huge hose reel down the street. I don't remember a fire truck, and I'm pretty sure the firefighters were just townsmen who showed up to help. But I was only seven and that was eons ago. We lived in a big house across the street from Barbara Ann and Brenda Joyce. The Hassells lived upstairs, and Eddie Sue and I ran to the Brysons yelling, "Fire! Fire!"

  5. When I was very small i can remember the fire whistle blowing people from all over town would show up. Daddy would get dressed and I have seen him got out the door running. I remember going with him on a few occasions and there would be what seemed like all the men in town there. I don't remember it but daddy hit the street running one night and in a few minutes he was back. seems in the excitement he had an accident in his pants. he change clothes and was gone again.