Thursday, November 20, 2008

Summertime Rafting Fun

By Dr. Henry Outlaw

This is Dave Heflin and kids rafting down the Nantahala river in North Carolina. During his long tenure at Delta State he took thousands of students whitewater canoeing, kayaking and rafting in North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Maine, Wyoming, and Montana.

His son Land is a world class whitewater river runner and was featured on the Discovery Channel a couple of years back.


  1. Great shot, Henry. I know that Dave has an academic program or some such named after him at DSU. Maybe Henry can elaborate on that.


  2. Wish I were on the rapids right now... I am already tired of Winter!

  3. Thanks Henry, these "future" kayakers are the 6 year old twins of Tim Colbert, Chair of HPER at DSU. We were on an orientation visit to our very favorite "classroom." A young man from Idaho is the new Outdoor Program Director. Henry and I are anxious for a Bearcat outing to the Nantahala River, NC. Camping is exciting, but there's plenty of choices of lodging near by. Think about it for middle May or even later up to mid October. A group of about eight faculty members have supported this program and spend several weeks in the Smokies, but we've slowed down lstely. We know Henry's extended family will continue going.

  4. And you can come sit on my porch and spit...... I'm right across the state line.