Monday, March 31, 2008

The "Official" Bearcat Jalopy

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It was seen often chugging through the streets of town, parked in front of the poolrooms, at Blue Mars, loaded down with kids cruisin' by the school, at the gym during events, and many other places including the Dairy Bar while it's owner was working.

Once all decked out with streamers and a couple of cuties it was at the front of a parade for an important ballgame. Maybe once seen limping home on a flat, once steaming a little, but always with a happy bunch of guys and gals hanging on the running boards and stuffed into the trunk.

It was only a two-seater but usually accommodated more than that at any time. Notice the foot and handprints all over the top, hood and running boards. At that time you could buy around 3 gallons of gas for fifty cents, so a nickel per rider usually kept the tank full!

Can you remember who its' owner was?

1 April, '08 additional story - Most of you remembered the old car. Several emails confirmed it as Larry's. The Dairy Bar hint was intended to be helpful.

Maybe you occasionally saw Darrell "Dog" Mathis on his bicycle hanging onto Larry's Model A and being pulled along. Darrell was often seen "hitch-riding" on cars like that. He would ride over to just anybody's slow moving vehicle and grab a door handle and hang on for a long way, until he had to go a different way or the car got too fast. Saw him one day going through Frankstown hanging onto a car headed for Booneville, I guess. Hope he had a return host that day.


  1. I have a guess, William Leonard Davis? drove it.

  2. It looks like it is parked in front of Larry Johnson's house. Could it have been his ????


  3. That's Slewfoot's car! No doubt about it!


  4. Larry's car. I have ridden in it many times. However, I do not remember the sign on the door.


  5. DC in Water ValleyApril 1, 2008 at 1:30 PM

    Darell kept a rope on his bike to hook up to cars, too. He once hooked onto Roy Glen Copelend's motorcycle and went down the highway. That was dangerous, but I guess he did'nt know it then.

  6. That was always my dream car. I don't remember the sign on it either.


  7. Darrel Mathis passed away in early 80's, I believe it was. He was full time in scouting. I think he ended up in Arkansas. Before that he was in Brookhaven, MS for several years.

  8. Anonomyous 9:09 AM wrote:
    Darrel Mathis passed away in early 80's

    Certainly hate to hear that. I am trying to make a list of our deceased friends and post it so others will know.

    Thanks for the information.